No job experience? No worries.

Are you looking for a summer job or something more permanent? Or perhaps you are interested in studying abroad? Our Europass blogg features stories of people who have gathered useful skills and experiences from home and abroad. Read from their experiences and be inspired.

Spend a year as an au pair

Do you know what au pair work is about? Have you ever considered it as an option for yourself? Read more about why an au pair year could be just the thing.

Volunteering pays off

Many people take up volunteer work because they want to help others, but the volunteers themselves gain a lot, too. Should you too volunteer?

Take part into student organisations

Have you ever considered that being involved in student organisations is lots of fun and games ā€“ but also so much more. You can gather useful skills and make interesting contacts, like Austris Stals.

Study abroad

Studying abroad for a shorter or a longer period of time is bound to give you a lot of useful experiences, many which you might realize only afterwards.

Are you looking for a summer job or something more permanent? Or perhaps you are interested in studying abroad?


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