• 7.1.2019Blog

    Valuable skills gained from international experiences

    Maaria Tirri has worked, done internships and volunteered abroad numerous times. These experiences have also given her some valuable skills appreciated in the labour market.

  • 26.9.2018Blog

    Describe what you succeeded in doing, praise yourself for it and follow your motivation

    Woman is enjoying beatiful scenery.Does it feel that your work experience is like a confused mass of different kinds of experience and that it is difficult to highlight your skills or strengths? Identify your skills and crystallise your strengths using the tips in this article. Three new articles concerning career building has been published on the stories page.

  • 6.8.2018Article

    Hey teenager, if you want to go abroad – go!

    If your parents or friends don´t quite get your need for a foreign language immersion abroad, you better stick with your opinion and go anyway.

  • 6.6.2018Article

    Working abroad builds confidence

    An au pair year abroad can strenghten your independence and improve your language skills, as well as teach you a lot about different cultures. Europass can help showcase what you learned.

  • 25.5.2018News

    The New Europass

    New Europass We are working on a new, improved Europass and a digital service platform. Read more!

  • 16.5.2018Article

    A busy man

    Štāls believes that a major benefit of working on the Student Union board is the huge number of contacts he has made. Whatever direction Štāls decides to take in his career, he believes that Europass will help him do it.

  • 26.4.2018Blog

    11 tips for a world-traveller (from a fellow world-traveller)

    Maaria Tirri has had much experience of moving to foreign lands and relentlessly packing. In this piece, she wants to share some useful tips to our readers. You will never look at a Parmesan grater the same way.

  • 12.3.2018Article

    A good application can open up a career

    Joni MäkinenAsk yourself why you want the job - and make sure you can communicate this to the employer, too - advices Joni Mäkinen from Capgemini.

  • 12.2.2018Blog

    No job experience? No worries.

    Are you looking for a summer job or something more permanent? Or perhaps you are interested in studying abroad?

  • 15.1.2018Article

    Gain valuable skills by volunteering

    Heini LumioDoing volunteer work is a great way of honing skills that are valued in the job market.

  • 13.11.2017Article

    Student exchange in Peru

    Read what it is like to be an exchange student in Latin America. Will Political Science be too tricky in Spanish? How does grilled guinea pig, an Andean delicacy, taste like?

  • 9.10.2017Article

    Internationality is a natural state

    According to programme manager Anni Karttunen, multiculturalism should be a natural part of adult education.

  • 7.8.2017Article

    My summer in the heart of international mobility

    Photo: Anu MärkäläWorking with international mobility includes many other things than just a creation of study programs!

  • 17.7.2017Article

    International competences important for companies

    International experience improves skills that are valued in the job market.

  • 5.6.2017Article

    Internationality does not take away anything from anyone

    Photo: Samuli SiiralaFor Gramoz Shpendi, internationality has long been a lifestyle. Now he also promotes it through student policy and declares: "Internationality does not take away anything from anyone. On the contrary, it opens doors."

  • 21.4.2017Article

    The everyday idealist

    Paavo Pyykkönen tends the city's most unusual flower bed and thinkgs that everyone has the right to acquire international experience.

  • 9.2.2017News

    New On-line Support Centre

    Questions about Europass? Trouble with our on-line services? Our improved support centre is there to help you.

  • 30.1.2017Blog

    How does the work life look like from the point of view of a graduating student

    Thoughts on digitalisation, globalisation - and cat videos.

  • 15.1.2017Article

    Identifying international skills

    Kati VirolainenJob-seekers have a huge reserve of international skills and competences which remains untapped. The Europass is a useful tool for presenting new kinds of international know-how, says an expert.

  • 10.1.2017Article

    At home in two worlds

    Finnish entrepreneurs should hire immigrants. “An immigrant knows two worlds. He can see more opportunities - and create them.”

  • 2.11.2016Blog

    Focus on the journey, not the destination

    In our society the focus is often on results and being goal-oriented. What if one should focus on the process instead?

  • 12.9.2016Blog

    The job-hunting project

    Maaria TirriFinding employment is often a challenging task. In order to make her job-search more appealing, Maaria Tirri decided to make her job hunt into a clearly defined project.

  • 6.9.2016News

    Europass Certificate Supplement is actively used in Finland

    Survey results show that Europass Certificate Supplement is used especially to apply for a job or a place of study.

  • 29.8.2016Article

    A leap of faith

    It is never too late to re-think your career. Juha Rudanko made a bold career change and doesn't regret it.

  • 4.8.2016Blog

    15 sources of income: exaggeration or preparation?

    The job market of the future seems uncertain and challenging. How could you be prepared for it? Is a total of 15 sources of income just what is needed or a total exaggeration?

  • 21.7.2016News

    Europass is a very popular tool – new survey data available

    Users think the Europass-CV is user-friendly and has a good structure.

  • 15.6.2016News

    A career within the United Nations – From outer space to field support

    Heli PahlmanHeli Pahlman is currently working for the UN in New York. Does that sound interesting? Read on, and find out how she succeeded and what advice she has for you.

  • 14.3.2016Blog

    From diplomacy to fatigue

    Internships offer valuable work experience. Maaria Tirri, 29-years-old, did a three-month internship in UNESCO in Paris during the summer of 2015. Read on to hear about her experiences.

  • 15.2.2016Blog

    Import your LinkedIn profile to your Europass-CV

    You can important your LinkedIn CV directly into a Europass-CV template. Managing your career has never been easier.

  • 4.2.2016Article

    Language skills key to job market

    Gaining employment is a central challenge for immigrants - and learning the language is essential for getting a job.

  • 26.1.2016Blog

    Contagious emotions - What do I bring when I walk into a room?

    What emotions are you spreading: joy, excitement - or perhaps negativity? It can make all the difference.

  • 14.1.2016News

    Post your CV directly to a Eures job portal

    Eures-logoPost your Europass-CV directly to the Eures job portal and make it visible to thousands of employers.

  • 8.1.2016Blog

    Will the year 2016 be Your year? 10 resolutions up for adoption

    Europass ResolutionsNew Year’s resolutions often entail giving up everything delicious and making unattainable goals. Not this time. Read about ten resolutions up for adoption!

  • 17.12.2015News

    Europass Video Competitition 2015: winners!

    The public has voted and we have a winner! Read more about the fantastic competition and see for yourself the best creations of the competitors.

  • 9.12.2015Article

    Show off your international skills with Europass

    Pauliina SavolaPauliina Savola was the the first intern to work at the Finnish Europass Centre. As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Europass, she reflects on her international experiences.

  • 24.11.2015News

    Europass Easy to Use and Useful

    EuropassWe asked how You like Europass and our website: here are your answers!

  • 30.9.2015News

    Europass Video Competition 2015

    Europass Video CompetitionFeeling creative? Make a video and win a prize!

  • 21.9.2015News

    What do our partners think of Europass?

    Europass surveyWe conducted a customer survey to find out more about how Europass is being used in Finland. Read about the interesting results!

  • 17.9.2015Blog

    Which professions use the Europass most?

    Users of EuropassWe just had a look at the occupations of CV-tool users - and the statistics are out now!

  • 10.9.2015Article

    Honing your job seeking skills

    Heli VäinöläIt is hard to get started in the job market . Read Heli Väinöläs down-to-earth tips and advice.

  • 6.7.2015Blog

    Europass in social media and memorable adventures abroad

    Kalina Cybulska has seen her fair share of other cultures, exhausting jobs and hairy situations abroad. What are her thoughts on the Europass documents, the Europass Europe Facebook page and life in general? Read on to find out.

  • 13.5.2015Article

    Personality pays off

    "When applying for a job requiring you to actively contact people, it pays to exhibit the ability to do so." Valuable tips for young job seekers by the experts.

  • 27.4.2015News

    Europass-material to order free of charge

    Europass-materialDo you need material to help promote the use of Europass? We have good news for you.

  • 7.4.2015Article

    Europass in Job Hunt

    You can acquire valuable job skills not only in regular employment but also by participating in student organizations or doing volunteer work. The Europass CV is a handy tool for presenting all the know-how you have accrued, an expert says.

  • 9.3.2015Article

    From temp to news anchor

    Antti SahlströmAntti Sahlström recommends temp work for young people who do not have much experience yet. If you give it your all, a temp job can take you surprisingly far.

  • 27.2.2015Blog

    Young people interested in international opportunities

    Young people are interested in international opportunities. Europass helps when you want to study or work abroad.

  • 16.2.2015Blog

    Europass supporting mobility for 10 years

    ‪Europass‬ benefits millions of Europeans every year. Last year alone 13 million Europass-CVs were created.‬‬

  • 11.2.2015News

    Want to study abroad?

    Are you interested in study opportunities outside Finland? Come and meet the experts in Helsinki 26th of February and find out about your possibilities.

  • 3.2.2015Article

    Internship opens closed doors

    “Your attitude should be: I’m going to get that internship!” Read how one student made her dream come true.

  • 19.1.2015Blog

    A case of diagnosed wanderlust

    Prestina Buggenhout, a doctor of Belgian nationality, has lived, worked and traveled in plenty of countries around the world. Read about her experiences, thoughts and plans for the future.

  • 8.1.2015News

    The latest Europass Magazine is out now

    Our latest customer magazine features stories on gaining skills, qualifications and employment in Europe.

  • 22.12.2014News

    Europass video competition: the winning team comes from Estonia

    Enjoy the funny and beautiful video by our winning team - as well as all the other wonderful and creative entries we received to our Viral Video Competition!

  • 15.12.2014News

    Europass turns 10 years

    On 15th December 2004 the European Parliament and the Council adopted the Europass decision. Today Europass benefits millions of Europeans.

  • 19.11.2014Blog

    Europass in Social Media

    Follow us to get the latest information in English on job searching, languages and internationality.

  • 11.11.2014News

    Europass Viral Video Competition

    Would you like to challenge yourself and win great prizes? Do you fancy a break in your dream city in Europe?

  • 17.10.2014News

    Read our latest Europass Magazine

    The latest issue of Europas Magazine is looks into the future of skills and qualifications in Europe. Read it on-line.

  • 6.6.2014News

    How to make a good cover letter?

    The new Europass tool will help you compile a cover letter for your job application.

  • 13.5.2014News

    Read the Latest Europass Magazine

    Read about Europass, mobility and the recognition of skills and qualifications from the latest issue of our European, english-language magazine.

  • 10.2.2014News

    Europass Centre Visiting Turku

    The Finnish National Europass Centre participates to the European Job Day /Kampus recruitment event in Turku 2.12.

  • 22.1.2014Blog

    Find That Winter Spirit

    Europass in PinterestEuropass has a Pinterest account where you can find tips for job hunting, information on mobility, education and the EU, as well as beuatiful pictures!

  • 15.1.2014News

    New Material on Europass

    Europass-folderThe Europass Centre has designed and launched a Europass-folder (A5) that can be used to hand out Europass material, such as brochures or the Europass business card.

  • 7.11.2013News

    Europass Seminar Helsinki

    The Finnish National Europass Centre organised a seminar on Europass: How to make skills more transparent and how can Europass help to achieve this. Seminar materials and a summary in English are now available.

  • 15.5.2013News

    New Video on Europass

    The Europass video tells in a humorous but clear way what Europass is and how it can be used.