Europass for Educational Institutions

Educational institution should advice students to use Europass and also admin the documents that are needed.

Europass users complete their own Europass CV. The document comprises details of education and training, work experience, language proficiency and other skills.

Europass consists of an electronic Curriculum Vitae (CV) model, and a portfolio: European Skills Passport, which compiles your other Europass documents, such as language passport and diploma supplements, or other important documents e.g. work certificates.

Europass Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The Europass CV, or Curriculum Vitae, presents key information about student in a concise form. Students can use the Europass CV to record their personal information as well as details about their educational and training attainments and work experience.

Students can also attach other Europass documents to their CV, like for example Europass Language Passport and European Skills Passport. CV can be done in every European language. By making the Europass CV, students learn how to express their skills and knowledge in the best possible way.

Europass Language Passport

In the Europass Language Passport students can describe their language skills using a six-step scale of skills levels. These levels are in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and it is used all across Europe.

With the help of the Language Passport your students can give a comprehensive and detailed description of their language proficiency, which is also a good way to consider, which skills they need to improve

Europass Mobility

A Europass Mobility document records learning experiences from other European countries, such as traineeships, student exchange or voluntary work, if they are a part of student’s studies in their home country.

Certificate Supplement

The Europass Certificate Supplement gives basic information on the content of studies and the vocational competence student have obtained. This helps employers e.g. abroad to assess student’s qualifications. Certificate Supplement includes lot of useful, sector wise vocabulary that will help students to present their degrees.

In Finland the vocational education and training institute is obliged to issue a Europass Certificate Supplement to their graduate upon request. The documents can be downloaded from the Finnish National Board of Education website. The graduates may also download their own respective Europass Certificate Supplement.

Dipploma Supplement

The Europass Diploma Supplement is an appendix to higher education diplomas and can be used in international context. It includes additional information about student’s degree and competence for further studies or working life. The document also gives information about the higher education institution that awarded it and the education system in the country where student’s diploma was awarded.

In Finland the higher education institutions are required by law to give a Europass Diploma Supplement to all their graduates automatically, in English and free of charge.

Using Europass documents in lessons

Here you can find tips for how to use Europass documents in lessons. Tips are in Finnish.