The Europass Mobility Passport is a record of a period of time that a person has spent learning in another European country.

Europass Mobility

Europass Mobility is a standard European document. It records details of the knowledge and skills that the holder has achieved during a period spent learning in another European country.

How to obtain a Europass Mobility document:

Education providers issue the Europass Mobility to the mobile learners. Individuals cannot apply directly for Europass Mobility document.

If the education provider is a sending organisation = it sends the learner on a mobility period, the education providers should order a permit to use the Europass Mobility from the Finnish National Board of Education.

If the education provider is a receiving organisation = it receives a mobile learner, it should agree with the sending organisation how the Europass Mobility is to be used.

Criteria for awarding Europass Mobility documents:

  1. The period spent in another country takes place within the framework of a learning initiative based in the learner’s country of origin.
  2. The organisation responsible for the learning initiative in the country of origin (sending organisation) stipulates with the host organisation a written agreement on the content, objectives and duration of the European learning pathway (Europass Mobility experience), ensuring that appropriate linguistic preparation is provided to the learner, and identifying a mentor in the host country who is responsible for assisting, informing, guiding and monitoring the learner. A copy of the agreement must be submitted to the National Board of Education on request.
  3. Each of the countries involved should be a Member State of the European Union or an EFTA/EEA country.
  4. The sending organisation and the host organisation co-operate in providing the learner with appropriate information about workplace health and safety, labour law, equality measures and other work-related provisions in force in the host country.

Obligations of the education provider

  • The education provider is obliged to ensure that the mobility experience takes place within the framework of a Community programme in the field of education and training, or that it satisfies the quality criteria listed above.
  • The education provider and the host organisation of the Europass Mobility experience should agree in writing the purpose, objectives and contents of the mobility experience and use of the Europass Mobility document and the languages to be used when filling in the document.
  • The Europass Mobility document is official only when it has an individual identification number. The education provider is responsible for numbering the Europass Mobility documents accordingly.

Applying for the right to use the Europass Mobility Document

Education institutions can apply for the right to use the Europass Mobility documents from the National Board of Education using the electronic form available by following the link provided below. You must fill in the form for each mboile student separately. The form does not send a receipt, once the form is filled-inf or the mobile student(s) the education provider can start using the document.

Apply for the right to use Europass Mobility document >>

Filling in the Europass Mobility Document

Access to this section is restricted to organisations using Europass Mobility documents. The page contains templates of the Europass Mobility document in various languages, as well as instructions. To obtain a password, please contact the Finnish National Europass Centre.

Filling in Europass Mobility documents >>

Instructions to education institutions

How to fill-in the Europass Mobility:

Instructions to Finnish education institutions (pdf in Finnish) >>

Common European instructions on how to use the Europass Mobility (Password required. Password can be applied for from the Finnish National Board of Education) >>

Examples on completed Europass Mobility documents >>

Vocabulary for describing competencies >>

Rekisteriseloste (pdf)