This document is an appendix to a higher education diploma. It makes it easier to understand what knowledge and skills have been acquired.

Europass Diploma Supplement

The Europass Diploma Supplement describes the nature, context, level, content and status of the studies completed by the holder and provides information about the higher education institution and the education system the qualification is a part of. It is a personal document, referring specifically to its holder. The Europass Diploma Supplement does not replace the original diploma and does not guarantee formal recognition of the original qualification by authorities in other countries.

The Europass Diploma Supplement facilitates recognition from the competent authorities of a country; from admissions staff at education institutions or from employers.

Issuing the Europass Diploma Supplement

The Europass Diploma Supplement is produced by the competent national authorities using a template developed, tested and refined by a joint European Commission, Council of Europe and UNESCO working party. Higher education institutions have to apply to the Diploma Supplement the same authentication procedures as for the qualification itself.

In Finland the higher education institutions are required by law to give a Europass Diploma Supplement to all their graduates automatically, in English and free of charge.

Guidelines and other documents for preparing the Diploma Supplement

Below you will find documents supporting higher education institutions in compiling and developing their Diploma Supplements in Finland. Where necessary, the Finnish National Board of Education/Finnish Europass Centre advises higher education institutions on preparation and development of Diploma Supplements.

You can download guidelines by following the links below. The documents have been updated as follows:

  • Model texts for pint 5.2. of the DS have been revised in 2019.
  • The instructions have been reviewed in 8/2017
  • The descriptions of the education system has been revised in 2019..


Instructions (in Finnish) for Finnish higher education institutions >>

International Diploma Supplement guidelines (en) >>

Model texts for point 5.2. in the DS

The model texts can be dowloaded (Word-format) from here.

Description of the National Higher Education System

National Higher Education System, ECTS compatible credits >> (point 8. of the DS)

National Higher Education System [doc 36KB] >> (point 8. of the DS)

Finnish education system, graph (pdf) >>

Higher education institutions are requested to select the document entitled Information on the National Higher Education System depending on whether individual students have completed their degrees within the Finnish credit unit system or the ECTS credit based system.

Europass logo

Higher Education institutions are encouraged to use the Europass logo in their Diploma Supplements.

You can download the Europas logo from this page:

Information Sheet on Diploma Supplement

It is recommended that the higher education institution informs their students and graduates about the Diploma Supplement on their website and study guides, both in the national language(s) and in English.

The Finnish National Agency of Education has prepared an information sheet on Diploma Supplement. The information sheet can be delivered to students together with the Diploma Supplement. The European Commission recommends that an information sheet is used.

Diploma Supplement Information Sheet (pdf) >>
Diploma Supplement tietolomake (pdf) >>
Diploma Supplement informationsblanket (pdf) >>