This document is an appendix to a vocational education and training certificate. It makes it easier to understand what knowledge and skills have been acquired.

Europass Certificate Supplement

The Europass Certificate Supplement provides information on:

• the skills and competences acquired
• the range of occupations accessible to certificate-holders
• the awarding and accreditation bodies
• the level of the certificate
• the different ways of acquiring the certificate
• the entry requirements and opportunities to access the next level of education.

The Europass Certificate Supplement does not replace the original certificate and does not guarantee formal recognition of the original qualification by authorities in other countries. On the other hand, it facilitates a sound appreciation of the original certificate, so that it can be helpful for obtaining recognition from the relevant authorities.

The Europass Certificate Supplements are produced by the competent national authorities and issued to holders of the corresponding certificate in accordance with nationally agreed procedures.

How to Obtain a Europass Certificate Supplement

In Finland the vocational education and training institute is obliged to issue a Europass Certificate Supplement to their graduate upon request. The documents can be downloaded from the Finnish National Board of Education website. The graduates may also download their own respective Europass Certificate Supplement.

Certificate Supplements for individual Finnish upper secondary vocational qualifications, further and specialist qualifications are available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

You will find the right ECS, either from the Finnish National Board of Education website, or from the Europass database. Please read the following instructions:

Vocational Upper Secondary Education

For those who have graduated in 2011 or later (in compliance with the new national core curricula), you will find your ECS from the Finnish National Board of Education website.

Further and Specialist Vocational Education

If you need an ECS for your further or specialist vocational education certificate, you will find them from the websites listed below. The website is in English, but you can find the documents in all three languages from this website.

Please note: if you know the name of the qualification, you can easily look for the right Europass Certificate Supplement with the Ctrl + f -function.

Older Vocational Qualifications

For vocational qualifications in accordance with the qualification requirements that came into effect 1999 – 2001, you will find the European Certificate Supplement from the old Europass database:

You can also enquire for the ESC from the Europass Centre.

There is no Europass Certificate Supplement for vocational qualifications older than this. Where needed you can apply for an advisory statement for international use from the Finnish National Board of Education. More information on the statements:

Description of the Vocational Education System

The purpose of the description of the education system is to help the reader understand the Finnish vocational education. You can print out the description and attach it with your ECS: (document)

The education institution is obliged to issue this certificate upon request.